Booking a trip to Lapland

Holidays in Lapland sell themselves and late booking discounts are not offered. Early booking discounts are on offer, though these tend to be in the form of “free child places”. These are very worthwhile if they fit in with your plans as they make the trip much more affordable.

Peak booking season for Lapland Holidays is January and September/October/November. Most of the true “Christmas” trips are booked in January. Booking early also gives you the opportunity to save throughout the year.

And finally, spaces are filling up for this year so if you are interested in visiting Lapland you should act fairly soon. Thick snow, pine forests and more than 200,000 reindeer provide a dream fantasy for children ….. and it’s only 3½ hours flying time from the UK.

Day Trips to Lapland.

Day trips to Lapland are the most popular way of visiting Santa. These depart from many regional airports throughout December. Flights touch down in Lapland at approx 12:30 local time with a 3½ hour flight of Christmas singing, colouring, drawing and lots of very excited children.

On some trips the magic starts the moment the icy blast of Artic air fills your lungs as you are whisked away from the airport terminal (no bigger than a large house) on a sleigh ride across the frozen Finnish lakes towards the activity area set in a snow clad spruce forest.

From the time you land and are kitted out with appropriate arctic attire you will have approximately 6-7 hours of magical fun in front of you.

Traditional reindeer and husky rides, snowmobiles and toboggans will cater for all tastes and levels of excitement and ages. Many of the trips offer all these with no limits to the number of times you can ride, others are less generous.

However, these are incidental to the main reason for getting up early and flying 3 hours into freezing snowy conditions – meeting Father Christmas himself.

All trips cater for an encounter with Father Christmas. The “less commercialised” trips include a private family meeting with Santa with personal greeting, letter reading (these should be taken with you to assist Santa !), and also a small personal gift. The look on your child’s face when they meet Santa is what it’s all about – Dreams becoming reality.

Short Breaks to Lapland

A short break in Lapland is an experience that you will never forget. These range from 2-5 days in duration and start in late November continuing up to and over the Christmas period.

Again there is a bewildering choice of trips and dates available. Each trip is different in its’ nature but they tend to follow the basic pattern with tobogganing, husky and reindeer rides and longer snowmobile rides. All trips include an element of family free time and of course the “search for Santa”. Again, you need to ensure that you know what type of meeting with Santa you will have. Some only offer a “group meeting”, whereas others offer the personal family meeting.

Insurance is the only thing that you must think about. Lapland is not just another winter destination covered by your annual insurance. This is very important. Your insurance must cover you for 3 rd party liability whilst driving a motorised vehicle (i.e. a snowmobile). This requires specialist insurance and is not something that normal winter sports polices will cover.

Lapland Short Tips:

Don’t go on a budget trip. You will be disappointed.

  • Ask if you will get a private family meeting with Santa. Most trips do, but some don’t.
  • Make sure you wrap up warmly in layers and follow the advice of those on the ground. Temperature can drop below -38c ! You can take clothes off if you are too warm.
  • Take along some chocolate for the children. It will keep them quiet later and can come in useful for yourself !
  • Think about an overnight hotel before or after the trip. It is a very early start and a long day.
  • It will be dark for most of the day. Expensive digital cameras and video cameras don’t always perform well in the cold. Batteries drain very quickly. A cheaper simpler camera is often a better bet (Disposables work just as well).
  • There will be snow in Lapland ! Reports of lack of snow were exaggerated in previous years and only applied to a small area near Rovaniemi. The better quality trips take place in the far north of Lapland where snow is virtually guaranteed and counted in metres not inches !
  • Take the offered tour operator insurance. Don’t rely upon your own annual insurance policy. It will not cover you.
  • Don’t take babies and very young children. It will be too cold and they won’t remember. Wait a few years.