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Escapade Day trip to Lapland

Escapade takes you into the magical realm of northern Lapland, one of the few homes of genuine Sami people, from ancient nomadic families. It is not surprising that Santa has chosen so ancient and historic a wilderness setting for his secret cabin hideaway. When we are lucky enough to discover his whereabouts, each family will have the chance to visit him in his cabin individually.

A day to remember…

We fly to Enontekio airport, from where this magical day takes you deep within the winter landscape to a location more northerly than any of our other Lapland destinations. Our all-inclusive price includes the protective warmth of a thermal suit and boots but please remember to bring additional scarves, hat and gloves.
Exciting activities in the snow-clad wilderness…

Having been transported into the heart of the Lappish wilderness, you will be able to take your pick from a wide range of activities. Enjoy the exhilaration of a  sled ride behind an eager team of huskies and a calmer reindeer sleigh ride. The day break also includes a snowmobile ride where adults get the chance to drive themselves (children pulled in a sleigh).



Trip Highlights
  • Private family visit to Santa
  • Drive your own snowmobiles
  • Genuine Lapland: home of Sami tribes
  • Thermal suit and boots included



Snowmen, snowballs and snow games…

As well as these activities, there will be time to play in the snow, giving children (and quite often their parents!) the chance to make snow angels, build snowmen, enjoy tobogganing, and other snow games. A warming two-course lunch is also included.

In search of Father Christmas…

The highlight of the day arrives when you venture into the snow-clad surroundings in search of the hidden log cabin where Santa is thought to stay at this time of year. Each family will be able to enjoy a private visit with Santa, who will find the time to talk to each child individually about their Christmas wishes



A free child place is available where indicated and when there are at least 3 full paying passengers.  If there are 2 full paying passengers then a half price child place applies.  

This offer is subject to availability at time of booking and can be withdrawn at any time.      

What's Included

  • Private family visit with Santa   
  • Husky sled ride
  • Reindeer sleigh ride
  • Snowmobile rides 
  • Snow games: including tobogganing and snowman making
  • Two-course lunch 
  • Gift for children (up to age 12)
  • Thermal suit and boots included
    (note: hats, ski gloves and scarves are essential and are not included.)
  • Souvenir Lapland Passport
  • All taxes and government air passenger duty
  • Return flights with hot meals on board
Departure Date Departure Airport Adult Price Child Price Child 2-3    
Sat 2nd Dec 2017 Glasgow £499 £489 £489   Enquire
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