Frequently asked Questions about your Lapland Trip

  1. Climate
Christmas in Lapland is extremely cold compared to the UK. Temperatures rarely rise above freezing point and December temperatures range between -7C and -35C. Snow falls in Lapland between October and May and it is common to find thick snow cover in December. There is limited daylight lasting between 10:30am and 15:00. On clear days the brief sunrise adds a special glow to the scenery. Otherwise a perpetual twilight reigns.
  2. Currency
Finland's unit of currency is the Euro and is divided into 100 cents. There is no limit to the amount of currency you can bring in and out of Finland. Please take enough currency as there are limited chances to change money in the more remote areas.
  3. Flights
Day trips to Lapland usually leave the UK around 07:00am returning approximately 21:00. These timings are subject to change.
  4. Clothing
Please do not underestimate the cold in Lapland. Please ensure you wear thick winter woollens, scarves, ski gloves, thermal underwear, hats and extra pairs of socks. Larger number of thin layers are preferable to one large layer.
We also recommend that you wear warm, sturdy footwear eg skiwear or moonboots on those packages where boots are not included. Please note that boots are not usually included when hiring thermal suits unless otherwise stated.
Other useful items to protect against the severe cold are lip salve, hot pads which insert into your gloves and boots.
Young children and infants are particularly vulnerable to the cold, so please pay special attention in protecting their hands, feet and face.
  5. Duty Free
Finland is part of thr EU and therefore you are unable to purchase duty free in Lapland.
  6. Medical Care
Finland has reciprocal health care agreements with the UK. This entitles you to emergency medical treatment and to prove eligibility for this treatment you only require a British Passport. An E111 is also useful, and is essential for non UK nationals. Treatment is available either free of charge or for a standard fee depending upon the municipality.
  7. Passport
  8. Photographic Equipment
Most photographic equipment does not function correctly in lower temperatures. Most manufacturers of camcorders advise against their use in temperatures lower that -4C. Protective covers for such equipment can be purchase at reputable photographic shops. Please remember that there are few daylight hours in December.
  9. Reindeer Warning
Reindeer are the native deer of Lapland and can be seen all over Lapland. They are gentle in nature, but like all wild animals they can be unpredictable. Please respect them during your short holiday in Lapland.
  10. Time
Lapland is 2 hours ahead of time in Great Britain and Ireland. On a day trip to Lapland you will have approximately 6-7 hours on the ground to enjoy.
  11. Shopping during your holiday in Lapland

Shopping in Lapland can be up to double the price of items in England. Souvenirs range from cheap imports to quality local goods like reindeer rugs (approx £30.00). Other souvenirs can be expensive and whilst of good quality may be of of limited appeal. Typical Lapland souvenirs are Lapland dolls, carved wooden items, woollen hats and gloves, and other goods made from reindeer skin etc.

Lapland Holiday Insurance

Lapland holiday insurance is vital. Many policies do not cover for essential part of your lapland trip. Please follow this link to details about insurance for your Lapland holiday