Lapland Holiday Insurance

Lapland Holiday Insurance

Insurance is a very important part of your trip to Lapland and must be investigated thoroughly. Most insurances do not cover parts of your trip to Lapland. This includes most annual and ski policies.

There are a number of points you must investigate if you do not take out our recommended insurance:

Day Trips to Lapland:

Your day trip to Lapland does not involve a nights accommodation. This may be obvious, but many annual policies requires a "nights stay". Therefore you may not be covered.

An unexpected delay on your Lapland day trip may be disasterous. Most single trips and annual insurance policies do not cover for any delay below 8 (or 12) hours. This is considered a "minor delay". A delay of this magnitude on you day trip to Lapland is definitely not minor and you must be sure that your insurance cover is in place.

Part of the fun of your Lapland holiday is the excitement of driving motorised Snowmobiles. This requires 3rd party liability insurance in much the same way as driving a car in England. It is extrememly important that you check with your insurance company that they cover you for this Lapland activity. Most do not.

Lapland Holiday

Your Lapland holiday is similar to the Lapland day trip in it's insurance requirements. 'Delay" is of lesser importance than for the day trip.

However, your Lapland holiday will involve snowmobile driving, and the same insurance requirements apply. Plese check that you Lapland holiday insurance covers you for driving motorised snowmobiles and the 3rd part liabilty that may arise.

Insurances offered by the various tour companies cover you for most of these eventualities. Insurance terms and conditions should be read fully so that you understand the extent of the cover offered on you Lapland holiday.

If you did not take out insurance at the time of booking your Lapland holiday please contact us as soon as possible to ensure that you are covered.