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Lapland Holiday in Harriniva

Harriniva Hotel in Harriniva

The Pietikainen family's Wlderness Lodge at Harriniva stands alongside the frozen Muonio river marking the border between Finnish and Swedish Lapland.  The glow from the windows lights up the pine the Lodge and its giant Aurora Kota are built from, and illuminates the snowmen, elves and ice sculptures scattered around its entrance.  Once inside a comforting cauldron of warmth instantly wraps you up with an 'at home' feeling and, with huskies barking in the background it's as if Harriniva is saying 'let the magic begin'

The hotel's rooms are all clad in local pine, simply furnished with handicraft fabrics, have private WC/Shower and envelop you in their cosiness.  There are 46 configured for 3 or 4 guests (3 beds or twin beds plus bunk beds), 6 larger rooms with a sitting area and private sauna and 12 apartment style rooms with a kitchenette and children's sleeping gallery.

In the internal public areas there is a bar serving soft drinks, snacks and coffee/tea throughout the day; a bar oftern with informal local entertainment and 3 dining rooms, one with an open fireplace.  And everywhere there is someone, either a Pietikainen or somebody who has worked for the family for years, to look after you.

Immediately outside, along with ice sculptures, snowmen, igloos, mini-snowmobile circuit, toboggan ramp and snow clad playground are 3 Kotas (traditional Sami wooden shelters) including 'Mutteri' in which you'll have dinner one night.  And just a stone's throw from the front door are the husky kennels invariably with puppies and a reindeer corral with reindeer skin Kota in a which a Shaman tells tales of old Lapland and how Rudolph learnt to fly.   

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