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Currently, Hetta is a 700 resident community center with having the most services of the municipality. The municipality, the Forest and Park Service, the Nature Centre, the customs and the Boarder Guardians have their offices located in the village. There’s also a home for the elderly, a healthcare centre, primary and high schools and a college. Other schools in the community include the primary schools of Peltovuoma, Vuontisjärvi, Palojoensuu, Karesuvanto and Kilpisjärvi due to long distances from these villages to Hetta.

Hetta village forms a snug whole, where the services, trail heads and points of interest lie all within a easy walking distance from the many accommodation options available. There are two hotels, two traditional guest houses, two holiday villages with high quality full equipped log cabins, several smaller single luxury cabins and many more primitive "only for summer use" huts and a scenic campground. Most accommodation places, as the whole village, is located along the coast of Lake Ounas and many of them carry either X-country skis, canoes, rowing boats or bikes for rental. During winter there is about 200 km of maintained ski trails, of which seven km is lit. For hikers there are two nature trails and several hiking and (mountain) biking options to choose from.

Accommodation in Hetta
Hetan Majatalo
Hetan Lomakyla
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