Wilderness Hotel Nellim and Lake Inari

For those of you looking for something special, we have a new Lapland holiday to Nellim and Lake Inari.  The Wilderness Hotel Nellim is owned and run by the Lappalainen family: Jouko and Mari. Here they have converted the old school house into a home for themselves, their twins and travellers looking for adventure and tranquility.  They have 12 simply furnished rooms and apartments with private WC/shower; fresh food from the lake or forests and an authentic Sami family welcome.

The Wilderness Hotel Nellim is located in a very peaceful corner of Finnish Lapland away from the big tourist centres of Lapland, on the shores of a part of Lake Inari.
Nellim provides the experience of visiting authentic reindeer farms and gives a chance to get to know proper Lapps in their native surroundings.  Being located 10km (6miles) from the Finnish-Russian border adds to the exoticism of Nellim. 
Trips are run on small group basis or can be tailor made to your requirements

128 Days Until Christmas 2010

There are only 128 days left until Christmas 2010, and only a few weeks left until the children go back to school. What better time to think about organising your Lapland Holiday to see Father Christmas. With the recent demise of Kiss Flights, it's even more important to ensure that your holiday is fully ATOL protected. All of the Lapland Holidays that we book are financially protected to give you peace of mind. Holidays are slowly filling up, with bookings being steady since January of this year! Yes, some people are very organised and have spread the cost over the whole year. It's possible to secure your Lapland Holiday with a deposit, but full balances will be needed soon. Give Debbie a call to see what she can do for you.

Magical Lapland - Luxury Log Cabins Yllas 2009

Hi Debbie and Frankie


I just wanted to let you know that M. and his family had the most amazing time this weekend and I'd like to thank you for organising such a great trip for them.


Have a great Christmas and New Year.

Best regards,



Transun Hetta 2009

Hello to everyone there at Colchester Travel

We've just returned back from a trip to Hetta to see Santa and wanted to tell you how brilliant it all was.  The plane trip out was great (although serving spicy chilli chicken to a plane full of children wasn't the best idea of heard this year!) and made extra special on the way back as the captain told us he'd spotted Rudolph on the left hand side of the aircraft on a practice run.  You could tell it was Rudolph as his nose was flashing red.........

Magical Lapland Yllashumina Akaslompolo 12th December 2009

Working here at Santadays we often have the privilege of experiencing the Santa holidays we sell.  I've just returned from a 3 night Magical Lapland break to the Yllashumina in Akaslompolo having had one of the best experiences in Lapland I've had.

Heath and Safety gone mad

Is this the ultimate in health and safety gone mad ? 
A fire extinguisher in an igloo in Lapland !

Lapland Fire Extinguisher in an Igloo










Hand baggage restrictions to be lifted


With effect from 7 January 2008, the restriction previously imposed limiting hand baggage to one item per person will no longer apply at a number of UK airports. However, airlines may apply their own operational policies governing the number, size and weight of items which may be taken into the aircraft cabin. A guide to the security requirements for passengers and a list of airports where the one item restriction no longer applies can be found at www.dft.gov.uk/transportforyou/airtravel/airportsecurity.

Magic of Lapland 17th December 2007

"What a magical trip! Very well organised, with no queuing and plenty of time to participate in all the activities.
Meeting Santa was the highlight of the trip. My children and I had a fantastic time and returned home very tired but with many fond memories."

Emma C

Lapland Extravaganza 9th December 2007

Thank you for a fantastic trip!
Loved every minute!

Eimear Q

Lapland North Pole Post Office 8th December 2007

Just had to say a BIG thank you to you for helping us to choose this trip of a lifetime. We had the most fabulous and magical day and today it seems as if it was all a dream. The whole experience was everything we hoped it would be - and more. We were particularly impressed by how natural and uncommercialised the setting and facilities were. All the staff from the airport, dressing area and at the centre were so helpful, friendly and attentive.

Father Christmas was wonderful - he was delightful with my 4 year old grandson, referring to his letter and giving him so much of his time.

We will not hesitate to recommend you, your company and this trip to anyone.

THANK YOU SO MUCH! Merry Christmas - as you can imagine, our Christmas spirit really started yesterday!

Sue B

PS a small suggestion for the future - we would have valued there being an official photographer on site to have captured one or two special moments for us - especially as we found it hard to get the best from our cameras in the cold and with thick warm gloves on.

Magic of Lapland 15th December 2007

Please ensure that this is circulated to all staff & Management.

On Saturday the 15th of December, we travelled to Lapland to see Santa with our daughter Ellie who is 7. Today, I am still trying to get over the shock of such an amazing trip. Brilliant organisation behind the scenes, tickets and emails informative and allowing plenty of time for any queries, the welcome staff at the airport and on the plane were as excited as many of the children and even some of the adults. The staff at Snow Village were fantastic, very enthusiastic and maintained the mystery and excitement of visiting Santa for everyone. We cannot wait until our other daughter Amelia (3) is a little older to truly remember the day.

Sincerely and with more thank you's than I can type, thank you so much for the amazing day.
Happy Christmas wishes to you all.

Steve, Sarah, Ellie & Amelia J

Letter to Santa - The Modern Way

For those of you are not fortunate enough to be going on a Lapland holiday to visit Santa this year, there's a new way of contacting Santa using MSN Messenger !!

Simply add NorthPole@live.com into MSN messenger as a new contact and you can chat directly with Santa Claus.

Edit: Unfortunately this has now been "pulled" by Microsoft, so Sanat will be offline until they resolve their difficulties.

Everything to do with Christmas

I was out walking my new baby girl last night, and wondering how many Christmas decorations would have been put up at the weekend.

If you're looking for anything to do with Christmas, why not give ChristmastimeUK a look ?  They have a wide range of Christmas decorations available for immediate delivery.

Having Fun in the Santadays Lapland Office

As you may have seen from the previous two blog entries, we've been having some fun with the Cosmos Lapland characters Rudi & Hal.  so much so, we decided to make a short film on booking a Lapland holiday - Santadays style !


Santadays Lapland Holidays Team

It's always nice to put a face to a name, so I thought I'd take this opportunity to introduce the Santadays Lapland Holidays team.  We've had a number of new additions to the team, who we shall be taking to Lapland this year ... perhaps you might even see some of us.

Santadays NSPCC Charity Day

Santadays (Colchester Travel), teamed up with Debenhams  on Saturday 17th November 2007 to celebrate the arrival of Santa into their store, and to collect money for the NSPCC (Debenhams chosen charity for the year).

Rudi and Hal

The day started early with a tour of Colchester by open top bus, with Santa leading the way, and children from the NSPCC and staff.  Christmas songs and lots of singing got us all in the party mood ready for the main parade into the store at 11am (not before a short photocall with Santa in front of Debenhams).


Our two young budding Elves (Tilly and Laura) then spent time assisting Santa in store by skipping around handing out balloons and leaflets inviting families to take the time to visit Santa in Lapland, as well as instore.

Rudi & Hal (kindly supplied by Cosmos holidays) spent four  hours in store greeting many young shoppers and their families.  A short venture outside into the main shopping square caused much interest and many photo opportunities for the young and the old alike !

All in all a great fun day promoting Santa in Lapland for a worthwhile cause - NSPCC.

Snow clothes for babies and toddlers

If you've read any of my previous comments regarding taking young children or babies on Lapland holidays, you'll know that I'm not a fan of people doing this.

However, just having had my first child this week, I now know what an impossible wrench it would be to leave your youngest behind, whilst taking the older children to Lapland.

The reasons I have against taking young children to Lapland, is mainly down to the extreme cold (up to minus 45 celcius), and our inabilty to clothe, and protect them from the severe cold.

Raindrops - Outdoor clothing from ScandinaviaHowever, if you have taken the plunge and booked your Lapland holiday, there is a company called Raindrops that sell Scandinavian made clothing for infants and small children.  We have no affiliation with them, and don't endorse their clothing, but it's probably worth a look if you're off on a holiday to Lapland this Christmas.

Everything for the Well Dressed Snowman in Lapland

Snowman in LaplandI've been doing some research on Lapland holidays on the web (as you do), and came across some "vital" information to make you Lapland holiday complete.

For those of the older generation, who rumaged around Mum's sewing kit for spare buttons, raided the fridge for a carrot, grabbed spares hats and scarfs from Dad's wardrobe and made do with a stick for a pipe, the modern age has taken over - "Snowman Kits"

For about £10 on eBay (or elsewhere just Google "snowman in a box") you can find Snowman kits, inside of which you will find wooden buttons, eyes, pipe, nose, felt hat and scarf.  The box is small enough to fit inside your luggage, and you know you'll have the best dressed snowman in Lapland !!

For those of you who can't wait for the snow to arrive, there's also this Snowman Construction kit (Flash is required).  I'll leave you to decide whether it's better to go to Lapland.

Is my child too young for a Lapland Holiday ?

"Is my child to young to take on a Lapland holiday ?"  This is a question that we should hear asked more often than we do.  Unfortunately, it seems that many parents do not comprehend the extreme cold that can be experienced in Lapland. 

We actively discourage taking any child under the age of 2 to Lapland, and recommend waiting until they are 4-5 years.  There are a numer of reasons for this:  Firstly, it's not fair to subject a small child to the extreme Lapland environment.  Secondly, they won't be able to take part in alll the activities (and probablu won't remember any of it) and thirdly , you will enjoy it more, if your child is slightly older.

This advice is easy to follow if you only have one child, however the problem starts when you have more than one and the older child is of an age where they are waivering in their belief in Father Christmas.

Our advice to bite the bullet and make the visit to Lapland.  Yes it's expensive, but you only have one opportunity to do it properly.  Only you know your children.  Make sure you go when you think your child will enjoy it the most.  There is no point in taking them to Lapland if they are too young, you will be wasting your money.  Make sure it's a memorable occassion for both your children and yourself, and let them carry on believing into the next year.  Christmas will never be the same again !

Will I See the Northern Lights on my Lapland holiday ?

Will I See the Northern Lights on my Lapland holiday?

This is a question that is asked time and time again by those going on a Lapland holiday. The Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis as they are more accurately known, are a natural phenomenon and appear in the Lapland sky between late August and April. 

I've been to Lapland 8+ times and have only seen the Northern Lights in their full glory on a few occasions.  Much of the time, the sky has been cloudy and obscured any chances of seeing them.

However, the best sighting that I've personally had was in Hetta, near Enontekio, where I can only describe them as like a "genie in a bottle" with great swirls of greens and reds.  Absolutely fantastic, and a perfect way to end a Lapland holiday.