Luxury Lapland - No Television, discos, or fruit machines.

A family Christmas and New Year with no discothèques, no fruit machines and no television.
Picture the scene, snow covered forests, crisp cold air, children laughing whilst Santa carries out his Christmas duties.
This is the Lapland that dreams are made of. 
“Then as now, the secret lay in travelling to small villages in traditional Finnish customs are played out on a small scale. There, Father Christmas can service his sleigh and reindeer against the background of snow covered forests. Team of huskies barking up the wrong tree, whilst you enjoy snowmobile rides and experience the natural wonder that is Lapland.
Unfortunately, dreams and reality are somewhat different. The idea caught on so well that the mass market tour operators felt they had to come crashing into the act. However, the small villages were not large enough for their masses, so they persuaded the inhabitants of Rovaniemi, Saariselka and Levi to put on snow dusted plastic replicas of the real thing with discos, bars and all the other home “comforts” the mass-market seems unable to do without.
Such trips have all the magic of a visit to a shopping centre in Croydon after a freak fall of snow (with apologies to Croydon).
But such once in a lifetime experiences, we feel, need to be just that - genuine, traditional, memorable, mystical and exciting. We offer tobogganing and snowmobiling, not discos; ice-fishing, not fast food; pine clad rooms or open-fired log cabins, not soulless cell blocks; and herds of huskies, not people.
To avoid the masses, we’ve retreated to just three special places, Harriniva, Yllashumina and and Kakslauttanen. We have a number of departures before, over Christmas and New Year for no more than 50 people at a time.”
The above words were taken from one of our luxury Lapland suppliers. Whilst the words are very harsh, there is an element of truth on them. My personal opinion is with the author, and I believe that Christmas is about quality family time with the children. Why do we need TV, fast food and discos on a short Lapland holiday ? Surely the family unit can survive a few days without this ? In fact, it might do some good, and bring the family closer together.
Notwithstanding this, I refer back to one of my previous articles in which I make a clear reference to how “opinions are just opinions”. Everyone is different, and has their own opinion on what they want out of a Lapland holiday. One of our customers in 2006, specifically requested Rovaniemi, so that they could visit the bars and discos, and did not want a wilderness location. Not my cup of tea, but everyone is different, hence why we have a variety of Lapland holidays on offer, ranging from Rovaniemi through to our luxury trips to Harrinniva, Yllashumina and Kakslauttanen.
(Note: We do not recommend First Choice Lapland or Thomas Cook Lapland, as we feel that Lapland cannot be done properly by a mass market tour operator, and that you (and your children) will be seriously disappointed if you go on one of these trips)