Eating in Lapland. Do I take the Full Board option ?

Eating out in Lapland can be very expensive and can put a lot of strain on the credit card.  Most of our Lapland holidays are "all inclusive" in terms of food (not drinks), but Esprit Lapland Holidays are based on a half board option with an upgrade to full board.

My advice here is to take the upgrade.  If you decide to go out for a meal, you will end up spending more than the additional cost of the full board upgrade.  You also miss out on the "Gala Dinner" if you do not go full board.

This might not seem like a big deal, but you have to remember that your children have been playing with other children for the past couple of days and will have made friends.  Missing out on the final dinner may take the shine off your Lapland holiday.

However, if you do wish to go half board, there are a number of restaurants in Saariselka where you can eat, and also a small supermarket where you can buy food.