Letter to Santa in Lapland

Writing a letter to Father Christmas is a traditional part of a family Christmas.  With a Lapland holiday you may have the opportunity to meet Santa in his cabin.
Some parents see their Lapland holiday as a magical experience and do not tell their children until they are awoken early in the moming.  Others, tell them much earlier.
For both, the dilema is the same; how to deal with the letter to Santa.
There a number of ways to do this:
  1. Sit down with your child and write their Christmas letter to Santa in the usual way.
    Discretely swap the letter and post a different letter in the letterbox, with your child watching.
    (Don't forget to take the original letter on your Lapland holiday.  This could prove difficult to explain !)
    Imagine their faces when Santa is holding their "original" letter !
  2. You could try a different tact (if you have told your child that you are going to Lapland), and say that instead of posting, you are going to hand their letter to Santa in person.  (This gets over any issues of hiding or forgetting the letter)