Snow clothes for babies and toddlers

If you've read any of my previous comments regarding taking young children or babies on Lapland holidays, you'll know that I'm not a fan of people doing this.

However, just having had my first child this week, I now know what an impossible wrench it would be to leave your youngest behind, whilst taking the older children to Lapland.

The reasons I have against taking young children to Lapland, is mainly down to the extreme cold (up to minus 45 celcius), and our inabilty to clothe, and protect them from the severe cold.

Raindrops - Outdoor clothing from ScandinaviaHowever, if you have taken the plunge and booked your Lapland holiday, there is a company called Raindrops that sell Scandinavian made clothing for infants and small children.  We have no affiliation with them, and don't endorse their clothing, but it's probably worth a look if you're off on a holiday to Lapland this Christmas.