Transun Hetta 2009

Hello to everyone there at Colchester Travel

We've just returned back from a trip to Hetta to see Santa and wanted to tell you how brilliant it all was.  The plane trip out was great (although serving spicy chilli chicken to a plane full of children wasn't the best idea of heard this year!) and made extra special on the way back as the captain told us he'd spotted Rudolph on the left hand side of the aircraft on a practice run.  You could tell it was Rudolph as his nose was flashing red.........

The hotel we stayed in was fabulous, rustic and charming.  A real family welcome and they couldn't do enough to make your stay enjoyable. 


The real highlight was of course the trips and what more could our 6 and a 4 year old nephews want than snow mobile, reindeer and husky rides?  Well a meeting with Santa, that's what.  And we were lucky enough to find Santa in, in his log cabin in the woods.  The stuff he knew about the boys - well, he really must have eyes and ears everywhere!


The Transun guides are some of the best we have ever come across.  They're extremely helpful and friendly without being overwhelming.  Rachel, based at Hetta Majatalo was fantastic she kept me fully informed when my family was away on a trip I couldn't go on and they had a delay due to a (minor) accident.  I can't praise her highly enough.


My final words go to you at Colchester Travel who have been great throughout the time from booking to receiving our tickets.  Thank you all for the help with our ad hoc queries.  Don't ever lose your promptness of service or your happy demeanour; they're rare qualities these days.


With Christmas wishes to you and yours

N and D R.