Santa Claus Lapland

Father Christmas
Father Christmas is also known as Santa Claus, Saint Nicholas, Kris Kringle or simply Santa. In his home; Finnish Lapland, Father Christmas is fondly known as Joulupukki .  Father Christmas is traditionally depicted as a rambunctious elderly man who delivers presents to all good little children on Christmas eve. Santa was given this image of a jolly old fellow to create parallels with the antiquity of the Christmas celebration and the joy that Christmas brings. This traditional image of Father Christmas began in the early seventeenth century but the actual Father Christmas figure is rumored to have roots in Pagan history. In December 1616, Father Christmas was for the first time recorded by author Ben Johnson “’.attir'd in round Hose, long Stockings, a close Doublet, a high crownd Hat with a Broach, a long thin beard, a Truncheon, little Ruffes, white shoes, his Scarffes, and Garters tyed crosse". Later this image of Father Christmas’ attire was developed by author Thomas Nabbes, as being “in furred gown and cap' which evolved into what we imagine Father Christmas as wearing today: red jacket and trousers with furry trim, black boots, belt, red pointed hat with a white bobble on top; as well as his fantastic plump belly, red rosy cheeks and long white beard.
Father Christmas is said to live on a mountain in Finnish Lapland called Korvatunturi, in the Lapland province of Savukoski. Korvatunturi is a three peaked mountain, approximately 1585 feet above sea level, situated on the Finland/Russia border. The mountain name; Korvatunturi, literally translates as ‘ear mountain’ because Father Christmas is said to be able to hear what all the children are saying to see that they obey their parents. If the children are good then they will get their Christmas wishes but if they are naughty they won’t get any Christmas gifts! Mount Korvatunturi in Savukoski is also the place that Father Christmas and his elves spend all year gathering Christmas gifts ready for delivering on Christmas Eve. Father Christmas would then dash out on his sledge with all his reindeer to give the good children their Christmas gifts.