Everything for the Well Dressed Snowman in Lapland

Snowman in LaplandI've been doing some research on Lapland holidays on the web (as you do), and came across some "vital" information to make you Lapland holiday complete.

For those of the older generation, who rumaged around Mum's sewing kit for spare buttons, raided the fridge for a carrot, grabbed spares hats and scarfs from Dad's wardrobe and made do with a stick for a pipe, the modern age has taken over - "Snowman Kits"

For about £10 on eBay (or elsewhere just Google "snowman in a box") you can find Snowman kits, inside of which you will find wooden buttons, eyes, pipe, nose, felt hat and scarf.  The box is small enough to fit inside your luggage, and you know you'll have the best dressed snowman in Lapland !!

For those of you who can't wait for the snow to arrive, there's also this Snowman Construction kit (Flash is required).  I'll leave you to decide whether it's better to go to Lapland.